Ladies Fishing organise not for profit fishing events for women. Anne is a weekly contributor on the popular fishing show for CVFM radio and is the Marketing Director at FishPal


Fancy casting a line for salmon on the River Tay in 2017? Ladies Fishing will be hosting a 3 day salmon trip with accommodation from the 1st to the 3rd June. During the three days you will cast for salmon on Newtyle beat, where your fly or spinner will cover two miles of prime double bank salmon fishing.

It’s Tuesday, the weather is hotting up and the ladies are off fishing, so I’ve started our Ladies who Fish Fashion slot, covering the all important items that a girl can’t live without. This week its sunglasses. If it is sunny outside the reflection off the water will make it seem brighter when you’re fishing, so sunglasses and sun block are as much a necessity to fishing as are hooks.