BBC Radio Women’s Sport Show


Last month I was contacted by the sports desk at the BBC and invited onto Jeanette Kwakye, Women’s Sports Show. She has a weekly radio show where she takes a look at the role women play in sport.

The opportunity to chat about women in fishing on the BBC and to be interviewed by a retired Team GB Olympian and British 100m champion was a huge privilege. In 2007 Jeanette recorded the fastest time by a British woman in the 60m at 7.17 seconds. I knew it was going to be an interview full of positive energy and fast!

You can listen to the show this evening on this link.

What did I cover:

Why women are good at fishing.
Health Benefits of fishing and eating fish.
This Girl Can / Sport England.
Conservation. How to get into fishing.

Within my notes I included the following women who fish:

85148185_215700962934533_8891490817152122880_nSouth: Gilly Bate, Claire Zambuni, Jo Stepenson, Polly Putman, Fish Wives.

Wales: Gayle Marsh, Hywel Morgans daughters, Tiggy Burke

England: Phillipa Hake, Marina Gibson, Vee Carlson, Tyne Fly Fishing Club

Scotland: Sam Mutters, Dee Damsels, Sue Cunningham, Dani Morey, Cheyenne & Tracy Stronach, Sue Munro, Gail Tunnah, Karen Anderson CFC, Claire Mercer Nairne.

Ireland: Maddy Kelly Reel Women Northern Ireland. Glenda Powell

Casting for Recovery: Sue Shaw

Anne Woodcock, Ladies Fishing (not for profit fishing days)

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