Ladies Fishing Update

Brett O'Connor

Ladies, just to let you know we’ve spoken to Sue from CFR today and she is sending every lady attending the Tweed Show on Saturday information in the post direct.

Brett O’Connor who is demonstrating the double handed rod at the Tweed Show was in this weekend’s Financial Times article by Bob Sherwood, (writer for the FT and AAPGAI member). Bob wrote about his recent trip with Brett organised by Jim Curry to Argentina.

Bob writes “The stock of flies I had tied for this trip is already running low as O’Connor raids another handful. He goes on to catch seven sea trout, including three over 10lb, all on our first day. A spectacular feat – even for this river. “I don’t think I have had any salmon of the same size fight as hard as these fish,” he says before plunging back into the water.”

Jim Curry

Jim Curry is organising a ladies fishing event on Wednesday 18th August at Bolton Abbey for trout and grayling towards our fund raising for Casting for Recovery.  Jim is a partner at Halstead and Bolton the exclusive sporting agents.

Also this weekend Dawn took part in the Fund Raising event for The Grace House North East Children’s Hospice Appeal. Well done Dawn, heard you had a great day and raised money through jam sales etc for such a good cause.

Just confirmed that  Jim Fearn, Paul Procter and Lee Cummings have offered their help/advice to any ladies wishing to purchase equipment at the Tweed show.

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