Sexy loops Fly casting resource on the internet.

Lee Cummings AAPGAI

Lee Cummings sent over a link to Sexy Loops today, asking me to take a look at fault diagnosis and fly casting definitions on the site. Lee is a contributor and on the board at Sexy Loops

Sexyloops is a superb flycasting resource on the internet for beginners to advanced casting. The advice and knowledge is spread throughout the site. It expands weekly with new advice and you’ll also find honest tackle revies…how refreshing!

Karen a beginner taught by Paul Sexy Loops

Paul Arden is the mastermind behind Sexy loops, a forward thinking guy who challenges his own theories and thinks out of the box..Paul Arden says “As an instructor it is important to be able to alter my teaching to suit the individual. People learn differently. I hope to be able to convey this observation in the beginners teaching pages” I have also included a link to Sexy loops on our site, for future reference.

Illtyd with some AAPGAI members

Just to let you know on saturday at the Tweed Show, Illtyd Griffiths who will be demonstrating the single handed rod for ladies fishing is also going to talk about sea trout fishing, he is recognised world wide as an expert, i think we may also have some instructors watching and listening to this demonstration….

we are VERY Lucky.

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