Having fun at Witton Castle Lakes

ladies sharing a joke

Today was our second free event for April 2010, which was held at Witton Castle Lakes. The morning consisted of casting tuition from our coach and AAPGAI Master Paul Little on double hauling, including demonstrations on curve, stack and pile casts with discussions for the use whilst river fishing, and the opportunity to learn the cast. We also had some fun, casting through hoops in the air and on the ground to improve our accuracy, which was enjoyed by all, including shrieks of laughter and support for all ladies.

Lunch as always is becoming a grand affair, thank you to everyone who contributed. Paul and Cliff said “ample, sufficiency of excellent cuisine” when asked this evening to comment about the cooking.

Yes were casting through this hoop

Afternoon saw us all walking down to the river wear for an introduction to entomology. Cliff introduced the session and explained why the river fly survey is being conducted on the river Wear and the benefits the Derwent and Tyne have seen.

Sarah kick sampling

Cliff explained the methods of sampling, Sarah commented to the group that when her mum was a little girl, stone turning was something she would do with her father before they started fishing to see what fly life the water held.

cliff exlaining stone washing

The following fly life was found during our kick sampling and stone turning sessions: agile darters, stone clingers, yellow sally’s, free swimming caddis larvae, stone flies and water beetles. Sampling was undertaken below a small wear in a stoney, fast flowing stretch of the river Wear. Most of the stone clingers we found were very small in size.

insect identifciation by the water

Back at Witton Castle Lakes club house we investigated the sample under the microscope attached to Cliff’s computer, which resulted in fantastic pictures with brilliant colour and detail of the fly life.

The day finished with some more casting, fishing and a few ladies had the chance to flex a double handed rod with our casting instructor.

insect identification

It was agreed by all what a great day to go fishing, meet friends and what a fabulous location Witton Castle enjoys, and the friendly welcome from the staff at the lakes.

The next time the ladies are together is Saturday 1st May at the Tweed Show where we have casting demonstrations from leading AAPGAI members and the launch of Ladies Fishing Casting for Recovery fund raising. We look forward to seeing you at 10am outside the main hall at the Tweed Show.

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