Ladies Salmon Fishing on Tweed

An early Tweed start for the ladies on Saturday.

Eight ladies met at 8.15am for coffee and bacon sandwiches at The Tontine Hotel, Peebles. Kate the owner of the hotel was joining us for the days fishing, along with Bill Stanworth, Paul Little and Finlay Wilson.

After setting up rods and splitting into groups the ladies fished the 4 beats available during the morning. Anne & Paul introduced three beginners to salmon fishing, which included equipment, casting, flies and guiding. All three ladies learnt to cast off both shoulders, which they all managed with aplomb.

Ladies Fishing Tweed

Lunch as always was a rather grand affair (how do we do it!). Thank you to Mary Shields from Wild Dining for the delicious soup served in a tea cup on a saucer.

Back on the water, with the help of our guides, Lesley had the pull of her line, sadly no connection. Kate, connected with a perfectly formed sea trout, but sadly wriggled off the line just at the net !!!

By 4.30pm the last of the girls, finally came off the water….to murmurs of ‘where’s the torch’ and ‘can we still fish’ ?

Ladies Fishing Tweed dinner

Ladies Fishing Tweed dinner

Back at the hotel, the girls enjoyed cocktails, followed by dinner. Plus lots of giggles and stories of a great day.

During breakfast, it was lovely to sit and watch as a group the  filming the group did for Sky Sports Tight Lines, on the River Derwent for trout and grayling in September.

Then it was off to Stobo Health and Beauty Spa for a bit of hard earned pampering.

Check out images from the day here

Comments from the girls:

Alison Chatton Trout Fishery ‘A huge thank you to Anne, Paul and everyone for a fantastic weekend.. also to Bill for for looking after Marion and I on Saturday. Thank you to Kate at the Tontine Hotel, Peebles for a wonderful evening and lovely accommodation – Ali xx’

Lesley Johnston ‘A truly fantastic experience learning to fish for salmon. I look forward to the next time. Great tuition and lots of patience from Anne and Paul thanks guys. All in all a fantastic weekend and greatly appreciated the company and the Spa morning at Stobo. Ladies you are great fun to be with.’

Dawn Dixon ‘As every one can see we had a fab weekend fishing at Dawyck and a lovely evening at the Tontine in Peebles. some of lucky ones even finished off the weekend with a Spa morning at Stobo Castle… Thanks again Anne for organising such a great weekend and to Paul Little for putting up with the silly comments from us all. Also Fin and Bill for their patience with our casting errors… just a shame a salmon didn’t grace us with a bite… maybe the next time’

Janice Robinson ‘I can’t add any more to what Dawn and Lesley have already said. Fab weekend thanks to all concerned and Tontine Hotel xx’

Marion ‘Did not get a chance to thank Mary for making the lovely mushroom soup, it was delicious. If you write to Bill and Finn please say thank you, obviously Ali and I did thank Bill he was good company and gave out lots of advice. Of course ‘the boy” Paul was as usual his tolerant self, quietly putting in so much effort as you, yourself do, making each outing special.’

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