Sky Sports Tight Lines

When the producer of Sky Sports Tight Lines contacted Anne Woodcock asking to film Ladies Fishing for their fishing programme, little did we expect they would spend two days filming the girls fishing for salmon and trout.

As with many of our river days this year, the weather has played a huge part and Monday was to be no exception.

We wanted to fish a venue that was close to Newcastle/Gateshead, accessible via public transport, yet far enough to offer some of the finest North East countryside. It needed to sell affordable day tickets, have good stocks of brown trout and grayling and have excellent fishing opportunities for juniors.

Axwell Park and Derwent Valley Angling Association have access to approx. 4.5 miles of fishing ‘perfect’. The valley hosts a diverse range of wildlife including otters and kingfishers, as well as being the only site in the north of England where Red Kites have successfully been re-introduced.

The stretch of river Anne choose was in the shape of a horseshoe, thankfully the girls had some cover from the torrential rain as each member was interviewed by Andy Ford and filmed fishing by Chris the cameraman. The water was carrying a considerable amount of colour and despite some gallant efforts the girls admitted defeat as water levels continued to rise, making fishing rather difficult!

It was then back to our newly named campervan the ‘mini-bago’ for hot soup, Marions home made pies and sandwiches. For the last section of filming, after the camera had de-misted.

Huge thank you to everyone who braved the ‘amber weather warning’. Marion summed the day up wonderfully ‘just to say thank you for a rather fun fishing trip, pass on the weather, chat was good and your hospitality Cliff as usual impeccable. Look forward to seeing you soon’

Thank you to Axwell Park and Derwent Valley Angling Association, we will definitely hold a ladies trout fishing day there next year. A North East ‘hidden gem’ .

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