Another great day for Chatton Ladies

We were looking forward to this day. The weather was sunny and five beginners were booked onto the day. After the meet and greet over coffee and introduction, the day began.

Cliff & Anne gave sessions for beginners on equipment, how to set up a fly rod and casting. The ladies in ‘very windy’ conditions were introduced to the roll and overhead casts, then both casts were joined together. Before lunch the ladies fished the lakes where Margaret, with coaching from Cliff, caught her first fish, a real beauty.

The rest of the group went fishing with Paul Little with one to one casting and fishing techniques from the AAPGAI Master. We asked if they could catch a rainbow or two for the afternoon sessions filleting and smoking (no pressure ladies!).

During lunch of bacon butties and mugs of tea/coffee, Paul answered questions and talked lines and flies with the ladies.

After lunch Cliff demonstrated gutting fish, filleting and smoking in the open air. This attracted regular Chatton anglers who were also interested in picking up a few tips. Paul and Anne, whilst Cliff was filleting, assembled rods ready for an introduction to casting a double handed rod for salmon. It was great to see all the new ladies trying the double handed rod too.

Whilst the ladies were trying or improving their double handed rod techniques, due to demand this was split into 2 sessions. Cliff was smoking rainbow trout with Dawn to again much interest from regular Chatton anglers.

The day was a great success – all new ladies caught and played fish.

A huge thank you to Marion who made smoked trout and hand made biscuits to compliment the Chatton trout we smoked in the afternoon.

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