Fishing with the England Ladies

Two mixed teams from the North East on Saturday entered the Wynchwood mixed pairs event at Grafham Reservoir. With the help of Ladies Fishing coaches, in particular competition angler Paul Little who tied flies etc to international competition standards. 
If someone had said three years ago we will get the chance to fish in a competition with the England Ladies, gold medal winners at the Home International Fly Fishing Championship. We would have smiled and said ‘we’re not good enough!’
The England Ladies were lovely, appreciaitive that we had travelled so far to compete with them and help raise some needed funds for the team. Thank you to all the England Ladies who made us feel welcome, in particular Joan who organised the Wynchwood Classics.
The days fishing at Graftham was challenging with only 40 fish caught all day between 28 experienced competition anglers. The standard of the female entrants was exceptional, one England lady bagged 5 of the 40 fish. Both teams from the North East did well and caught fish. Rosemary, Cliff’s boat partner won the prize for the biggest fish, well done Rosemary!
Next year we hope to have more ladies from the North entering. During the next few months ladies interested in competition fishing will have the opportunity to learn competition tactics with our coaches. Dates to be annouced.
The day was enjoyable, yes we learnt a lot, will we go back…yes!
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