Carp Fly Fishing with Vera Carlson

Summer is the perfect time to fish for Carp as unlike Trout fishing the warmer the weather the better they love it.

You can catch them fairly easily on the fly and its very, very exciting stuff and really gets the adrenalin rushing. Just imaging a lovely Common or Mirror Carp slowly cruising up to your fly fished on the surface. In the blink of an eye it has sucked your fly in and if you are not quick striking it will blow it out lightning fast.

If the Carp is hooked the fireworks start as they normally do a long , hard initial run often taking you well into the backing. After that its a strong fight all the way to the net. Its fantstic fun.

This fishing is guaranteed to give you the huge grin factor and there is a very high chance of hooking one if fished for correctly.

We know a lake which we ourselves use and we thought that it might be terrific to try Carp fly fishing as one of the NW Ladies Fly Fishers events.

To do this type of fishing we could only have a small group and in August we will announce a date and have a session if enough ladies are interested. The only snag is that it will have to be a mid week date as the venue gets busy at weekends with normal carp anglers. Anyone interested will need to be able to cast a minimum of 30` and have played trout on the fly

Even at this early stage if you are interested just let Vee know on 01539 733297 or 07886 817770.

Ladies be quick if you want to go fishing for carp with Vera, I’ve booked a place.

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