Varzugan Thursday (via Henry’s Salmon Adventure Blog)

Writer Henry Giles has written about his trip this month to Russia. Worth a read.

Varzugan Thursday So the Varzuga Week 2 party is entering the beginning of the end that is Thursday of the fishing week. And judging from the blog postings by Roxtons’ Charlie White they have been having a productive time of it. Special congratulations to Brian Fratel who landed a 19lb salmon from Middle Varzuga where he is hosting the group. It was also pleasing to note success for the Posh Tosh by Lower Varzugan top-rod Phil W who had 17 on Tuesday, with ‘eight … Read More

via Henry's Salmon Adventure Blog

One Comment on “Varzugan Thursday (via Henry’s Salmon Adventure Blog)

  1. Cheers Anne, the week was like a mixture of unreal and very real indeed. Final instalment’s up now – well just about final you know what I’m like. Henry


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