Shore fishing for Mackerel: Free Event

As more and more fishermen head for the British coast, saltwater fly fishing is currently becoming the fastest growing area of our sport. After all, what beats the excitement of pitching a fly into an untamed vastness and waiting for that next arm wrenching tug?

Fly fishing and spinning from the shore for mackerel, mullet and bass is popular. As a group we have fished for mullet on the fly with positive results I am now looking for interest from ladies who would like to shore fish for mackerel;  mackerel are turned on by speed so the fly needs to get down quickly and retrieval is fast. The shoals often arrive in June and stay right through the summer.

This free event will be held in June/July at South Shields with a very early start.  Thank you to Don Coe who is working with me to organise this event,. Thank you to the ladies who have given me their feedback, saying they would love to go mackerel fishing, but don’t want to fish from a boat due to sea sickness. Ladies who are interested in attending please say ‘hello’

I will be fishing some secret North East Bass Fishing spots over the next few weeks, weather permitting. Any ladies who are interested in going Bass fishing please say ‘hello’

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