AAPGAI Open Day 26th March

Announced in January we have been invited to the AAPGAI open day on Saturday 26th March.

This event open to all levels and abilities offers the chance for everyone to improve their casting and fishing techniques. Anymore ladies interested in attending please contact Paul Little, Secretary of AAPGAI and Ladies Fishing Instructor.

Quote from the AAPGAI website “The 26th March will be of interest to all anglers, whether your goal is to become an instructor in the future, or you’d just like to come along and enjoy some exciting workshops & demonstrations performed by some of the best instructors in the country. These workshops will cover a wide area of game fishing and will attempt to cater for all attendees. Whether your interest lies with single handed or double handed rods, casting, fishing techniques, or fly dressing, there will be something for everyone.”

Ladies Fishing have received casting and fishing instruction from the following AAPGAI Masters attending. They are as follows: Jim Fearn, Lee Cummings, Sue Macniven, Paul Procter, Illtyd Griffiths (Chairman of AAPGAI), Gary Champion, Karl Humphries, Tony Riley, Clive Mitchell Hill, Glynn Freeman , Jim Curry etc.  These names are not only familiar to Ladies Fishing but appear in most of the UK Fishing Magazines on a monthly basis. Gary Champion, Jim Curry and Paul Procter appear in this months Aprils edition of the Trout & Salmon Magazine from testing salmon rods to Hampshire Chalkstreams.

Anymore ladies interested in car sharing please contact annefishing@yahoo.co.uk

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