Women in Sports – Angling (fishing)

Hi Ladies,

I came across this interesting article this morning, tying in with the International Womens Day/Month of March.

* The first known essay on sports fishing was written by Dame Juliana Berners of Great Britain in 1406. She described how to make a rod and flies, when to fish, and the many kinds of fishing in her essay, “Treatise of Fishing with an Angle”. 

* B. Byer of Cape Moreton, Australia, caught a 1,052-pound white shark in 1954. It is the largest white shark ever caught by a woman to date.

* Dianne North caught a world record 802-pound big eye thresher shark in 1981 in New Zealand.

* The International Women’s Fishing Association of Palm Beach, Florida, was founded in 1955 to promote angling competitions for girls and women.

* The International Women’s Fishing Association of Palm Beach, Florida, established a scholarship trust in 1965 to further the field of conservation, and help deserving students attain graduate degrees in marine science at institutions offering such advanced courses.

* The International Women’s Fishing Association established a Hall of Fame in 1978 to recognize outstanding women for their individual contributions to conservation and sportfishing.

If you would like to find out more about the International Womens Fishing Association enclosed is there web address  http://www.iwfa.org/

I’m looking forward to our first event on Sunday at Chatton Trout Fishery with Lee Cummings. Lee is bringing along a young lady that you may have read about called Millie Cummings, his little girl who is totally mad about fishing. I look forward to seeing them both.

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