Paul Little on the Rio Gallegos river, Argentina

Hi Ladies

Paul Little AAPGAI with a 21.5lb Sea Trout

Paul Little AAPGAI with a 21.5lb Sea Trout

I couldn’t resist sharing this with you, I received an email 3.04am this morning from Paul Little. Some of you may be aware that he is currently fishing the Rio Gallegos river, Argentina for Sea Trout with a party organised by the chairman of AAPGAI Illtyd Griffiths and AAPGAI member Glyn Freeman

Paul has said that the fishing at times has been hard, no fish, bright and no wind. But that didn’t stop him catching a 21.5lb sea trout on the double handed rod. I know you will all be pleased for him, because he’s a gentleman when fishing who has the dogged determination of a saint, of course all the fish on the Rio Gallegos river are safely popped back.

This morning Illtyd hooked and landed a 24lb sea trout, on a single hander using his new line (an intermediate line) on a black and claret zonker.  To land a sea trout of that size with a double handed rod is special, but on a single handed rod is phenomenal. Lee Cummings is a friend of Illtyd and has told me “Illtyd is one of the worlds recognised sea trout fishermen, his depth of knowledge is exceptional”

Illtyd Griffiths, on the Rio Grande last year

Illtyd Griffiths, on the Rio Grande last year

I know that Sue Macniven will be replying to this post as she is a good friend of Illtyd and Paul’s too.

Apologies i don’t have the photo, but as soon as i get it i’ll email it to you ladies.

You can follow Illtyd on Twitter at

If you would like to read about Illtyd visit his website at

Paul will be back next week, ready for next weekend. He is giving a free fly tying workshop on the saturday in chester le street for the ladies, and we have the opportunity to tie salmon or trout flies at Chatton Trout Fishery on Sunday morning, or just fish. Afternoon Paul is giving us all the opportunity of tying a Classic Salmon Fly which is something he is recognised around the world for.

5 Comments on “Paul Little on the Rio Gallegos river, Argentina

  1. Quote Looks great Anne.
    “Illtyd the mans a legend!!!”

    Jim Curry
    Halstead and Bolton
    International Sporting Agents

  2. I am sure if anyone can catch a seatrout in adverse conditions it would be Icky, what a fish though! Last time I talked with him about fishing in Argentina he told me that you have to be able to cast a really tight loop to counteract the howling winds, sounds like they got off lightly on that front.

  3. So glad Paul has caught out in Argentina, he is such a great guy, I wonder ehat fly he caught it on!

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