Ladies Fishing Support International Womens Day

Hi ladies

Don’t forget we have 6 events running during the month of March to support International Womens month.

We are supporting the great work done by the following ladies:

Ali & Anne Chatton Trout Fisheries Event 7th March Master Class with Lee Cummings

Anne Ladies Fishing Event 13th March fly tying with Paul Little

Ali Chatton Trout Fisheries Event 14th March fishing and fly tying tuition with Paul Little

Vicky Bell Game Fishing Supplies Event 27th March salmon fishing tuition day with Jim Fearn

Don’t forget the competition to win a mornings tuition for fish filleting for game angling enthusiasts closes Friday 5th March

Please forward this to all your friends and lets make International Womens Day a great success for women and ladies fishing.

ladies fishing events in the north east

ladies fishing events in the north east

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