Paul Procter Orvis Consultant

Paul Procter Orvis Grayling Fishing

Paul Procter Orvis Grayling Fishing

Hi everyone, glad to see Paul Procter is back from his trip to New Zealand. Check out his blog to find about his trip. I know he’s busily writing away for magazines at the moment, so readers of the mags Paul writes for are soon in for a treat.

We’re hoping to get a trip organised with Paul. I will be uploading photos from our last successful day with Paul on the Wear. Had a great time, Paul introduced the ladies to spey casting.

The ladies are off grayling fishing this weekend, Trish’s is the organiser and we’ve been on the phone to Paul getting some tips and advice. Thank you Paul and welcome back, though its a little bit colder than what your used to in NZ

If you want to experience fly fishing with Paul Procter, which we strongly recommend you can get the details of his latest trips at

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