Manufacturers please produce Ladies Fishing Clothing

Simms ladies shirts bought in the UK

Simms ladies shirts bought in the UK

As many of you will know  i love wearing clothing from manufacturers who produce fishing clothing for women. There are two main companies that spring to mind Orvis and Simms in the UK who rightly see the female fishing market place as a growth area.

I do find it quite condescending when manufacturers use members of staff who say silly comments such as they’ve finally found something that fits, and are prepared to wear mens sizes that do look too big on the photos….just to get a sale from the UK female market place. When will they learn and how disappointing for us women that this is done to make us buy a brand.

Enough of my ranting, as you know i’m always keen to promote companies that stock female clothing such as the following.

Ladies if we can just start asking for womens clothing, I know Vicky at Game Fishing Supplies is trying her best to stock ladies clothing….great news Vicky….when will manufacturers start doing the same, you have the money for market research and some of you even have female staff, such a cost efffective simple business  exercise that will bring dividends into your companies from PR and Brand loyalty from a growing market place.

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  1. I totally agree with on this one, a short or a small is a very poor compromise if any at all as ladies are a totally different shape to men, so if it fits in one area chances are it will not in another. Women do not have this problem in any other sport, and its about time manufacturers took notice of the growing female market as they will end up losing out to the couple of manufacturers that do cater for us.


    • Hi Vicky, thank you for your comments, totally agree in any other sport we are catered for. Glad your still looking for a ladies range and you’re speaking to manufacturers and informing them that there is a market place…..eventually they will listen, lets hope we no longer have to suffer PR using male fishing clothing ranges aimed at the female market condescending to an educated market place


  2. Hi

    As a new girl to fishing (2 years ago) I have found it impossible to buy nice fishing gear for a size 10/12 female. But, as a self employed professional dressmaker am now seriously considering producing a range of ladies fishing clothing.

    What sort of things are other likeminded fishergirls wanting?

    Initial thoughts would be gratefully received.


    • Hi Sporty girl, we have the same problems, thats why i wear ladies simms, i am your size and only 5ft 4″ size so getting clothing that looks smart is a problem. Vicky at Game fishing Supplies in Morpeth, Northumberland is looking into manufacturers. Until she can get a supplier i buy my ladies clothes from Sport fish in reading, sorry vicky. they have just introduced some new shirts which look smart and functional, they also stock ladies waders from Reddington to Simms. Worth a contact, speak to Glen Dickerson i’ve found him to be very helpful. Good luck Anne, hopefully we will see you on a ladies day


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