Due to popular demand we’re holding the following event…I do hope it puts a smile on everyone’s face……

Ladies Fishing Goes Christmas Fishing and not a shop in sight!!

Christmas is here and Ladies Fishing have been making headlines in many positive ways this year. So to celebrate a great year our last event for the North East Region 2009 will be held at Chatton Fishery and it’s going to be fun. The day will consist of the following:

Days fishing at Chatton including tuition from our very own Santa Instructor Cliff Johnston GAIA

Equipment is available for any ladies who wish to come and try fishing for the first time

Venue Chatton Fishery 13th December 2009. 9.00am till 4.30pm

Times have been tough even for Santa in the last year, so we’re not going to have any pressies’ just lots of fun

If you would like more information please view our events page

Contact:  trishfishing3795@yahoo.com


Read about our dear friend at Ladies Fishing Lee Cummings AAPGAI Master discussing teaching the young ones. Excellent photos of Millie and Eryn, well done girls. Future England Junior Ladies Team Members. Watch this space. Well done Lee


Ladies Story

This is one of our ladies stories who is a member of the Salmon and Trout Association. The S&TA asked her to write her story which was published in The Game Fisher Spring 2009, Read More

November Fishing Event

Ladies fishing are holding a ladies Grayling Day with AAPGAI Masters Tony Riley and Lee Cummings.

The day will consist of :

Introduction to Grayling “The Lady of the Stream” A chance to understand this graceful but mysterious game fish.

Effective Styles of Casting for Grayling  and Alternative Fishing Methods Dry v’s Nymph

Casting Tuition one to one

Fly Talk and Fly Tying Bankside Session

All ladies will receive one to one casting tuition from Tony and Lee, both AAPGAI Masters.

For Further Information or to book a place contact annefishing@yahoo.co.uk

Anyone interested in supporting or understanding grayling better may consider joining the Grayling Society. Website: http://www.graylingsociety.net.

If you can’t attend the above event our dear friend Paul Procter is holding a Grayling weekend  http://www.paulprocterflyfishing.co.uk/

Free Fishing For Juniors

Ladies fishing have just annouced free fishing and tuition on all ladies fishing days. We need to encourage and attract more juniors members, including mums. Fishing can be costly if mum and juniors are paying the same price. We hope that more fishing clubs in the uk follow.

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