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Please view our event section to see the latest events for January.

Further details to be announced on/after our day at Chatton Fishery 13th December.

If you require further information please contact our admin department via email or telephone.

Trish and Marion, with a mug of coffee yesterday outside the ghillies hut, 5th December, Grayling Fishing with Alberto Laidlaw  www.gameanglingscotland.co.uk on Tweedswood with ghillie and instructor Kevin Patterson http://www.tweedswood.com/

Ladies Fly Tying Weekend

We have had a weekend of fly tying from Paul Little Master Fly Dresser. We have ladies attending for one session to some staying for the weekend.

Selection of flys tied for Grayling Fishing:

Greenwell’s Spider

Copper Headed Pheasant Tail

Pink Shrimp

Case Caddis

Thank you Paul, the ladies were thrilled with the flys they’ve tied. Like our last session in October held at Chatton Fishery, tying trout flies




We will be fishing for Grayling on Saturday 5th December with Alberto Laidlaw APGAI

We look forward to fishing with Alberto on Tweedswood Saturday 5th December.


Thank you for reading this blog. Regards Anne

If your thinking of buying a rod for a junior or a lady for Christmas please remember the following:

There are many manufacturers out there you have a great choice:

Is the rod for still or river

How heavy is the rod

What does the handle feel like.

Could i fish with this rod all day

Please go and visit a shop, try the rod out first, ask your friends that fish.

Most of all If Unsure Don’t Buy it

ps more to follow


 Ladies Fishing would like to thank the following for the support of S&TA Northumbria Branch

One of the ladies at Ladies Fishing supported her local branch of the S&TA by arranging the following prizes to help raise funds for the local branch. Please view our Charity Page for all the information.

Ladies Fishing would now like to thank the following AAPGAI Master Instructors who are kindly donating a day of their time to guide and give exclusive access to their favorite water’s to support S&TA. Thank you.

Look out for a ladies day to be announced soon with Paul Procter on the Test 2010.

Paul is out of the country for the next few weeks guiding in Mexico.

Check Pauls blog at http://paulprocter.blogspot.com/

Lee Cummings is keeping busy with Master Classes and also casting video’s check his blog at http://flyfishinginstructor.wordpress.com/

Master Class Weeks with fishing to be announced soon in Wales, Scotland, England, Ireland, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Europe and USA.

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