Salmon Fishing Success on the Whiteadder, River Tweed

The last few years I’ve fished Tweed tributary Bluestone with little success.

Last years ladies day was re-arranged because the river was far too low and thanks to the generosity of beat owner Andrew Lee the ladies fished a prime November day and had success, Alexandra caught her first ever salmon on the fly.

Saturday and river levels on the Whiteadder at Hutton Castle were at 1ft 4″ on the gauge and fish had been caught every day, our chances of seeing and maybe connecting with fish were good.

Anne Woodcock fishing the Tweed at BluestoneStarting on the lower beat, Hut Pool & Lower Hut Pool, the river looked inviting and was flowing at a good pace, a likely spot for a running salmon to rest. A downstream swirling wind made casting tricky with gusts so strong it nearly took my fishing companion off his feet.

Fishing a Gold Bodied Willie Gunn fly on my 5th cast I caught a beautiful hen fish. I tried to get the attention of my fishing friend further down the river to help me, he heard my whooping sounds and thought it was the local children playing. As the pool was not very big I decided to give it a rest, as anything else in there would certainly have been spooked.

Fishing further down the beat, Tall Trees, Willows & Swan’s Nest pools the gusts of wind and scattered showers certainly tested our clothing. I was wearing my ladies Nano puff jacket from Patagonia, windproof and water-resistant, ideal as outerwear.

Back to the Hut Pool just before lunch I decided to use a technique John Veith, the River Manager of the Lochy, showed me earlier this month when I fished the Lochy. Starting the stretch again I gradually released more line and retrieved it fast, working the section of water quickly, towards Anne Woodcock Ladies Fishingthe bottom of the pool my fly swung across in the deeper water and the fish took my fly furiously. John said that the takes would be fast. The fish fought hard, not surfacing until it came to the bank, another 12lb bar of silver, my knees knocking I released him back into the river to continue his journey upstream.

My friend decided to join me after lunch on now my favourite spot of Bluestone Beat. I am still buzzing after a weekend of seeing and catching spring fish.

The beat is under fished. May in the right height on the gauge can be very productive. Speaking with boatman on Tweed this week fish are arriving into the river, and the Whiteadder is the first tributary the fish can go up as they enter Tweed. The cost for a days fishing is £45 until the end of August and rises to £60 until the end of November. For more information and to book a days fishing please follow the link.

Equipment used:

Rod Hardy Swift 11ft 7″. Sea trout/Steel Heat 8ft polyleader, slow sinking. 15lb fluorocarbon.

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