2014 Ladies Days in pictures

Ladies charity day on Bywell BeatThank you to everyone who has joined me on a wonderful journey during 2014.

Special thanks must go to Cliff Johnston, Kevin Paterson, Mick Charlton, Colin Nicoll, Gary Hillary, Helen Jobson, Linda Mellor and Claire Mercer Narine.

More blog posts to follow about the amazing year we have had and events planned for 2015.

Happy New Year and tight lines for 2015

Anne Woodcock

2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noTdHzt_dPk&feature=youtu.be


4 Comments on “2014 Ladies Days in pictures

  1. Yes a very enjoyable year. Looking forward to next year. Happy new year to all and tight lines!


  2. Lovely pictures Anne, brought back some fun memories!
    Here’s to a good 2015

    Heidi Williams


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