Wild Brown Trout Fishing Event

Brown Trout

Fancy fishing for descendants of the wild brown trout which lived in the streams before the reservoir was built? Cow Green reservoir an area of outstanding beauty has one of the finest brown trout populations in England.

We will be using Brook fishing methods to get the best out of this water, constantly on the move, fishing the margins imitating land born insects and invertebrates, using light tackle with sparsely dressed spider patterns etc. The brownies have lighting-fast reflexes, hard fighting, along with unique colours and markings.

brown troutThese fish are a joy to catch!

Date: Saturday 7th June 10am – 4pm.
Price: £9 (12 fish limit).

Places can be booked by filling in the contact form enclosed.

Rods: light single handed rods 8 or 9ft 4″ or 5″.
Lines & Leader: Floating lines with tippet of 6lb maximum.
Flies: Black Pennells, Invictas and Spiders are consistent fish catches with dries including Hoppers, Sedgehogs and Cul-de-Canards doing very well when fish are rising
Clothing: Light clothing and fishing waistcoat, hat, good walking boots, sunglasses.
Food & Drink: There are no facilities so please bring your lunch and plenty of fluids.

Don’t forget: sunscreen and midge repellant.

This event is not suitable for anyone who has problems walking distances. The reservoir is 2 miles, with uneven ground and we will be walking across grouse moors.

Location: Teesdae – http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=380160&Y=530616&A=Y&Z=140



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