Donation to the River Annan Trust & Grayling Events

IMG_3488Last month members of the Ladies Fishing Club were invited by Nick Chisholm and his team from the River Annan Trust and Hoddom beat to go grayling fishing. The group had a great time and everyone caught, using a selection of methods from fly and bait fishing for the ‘lady of the stream’. Fly anglers had a minimum of 2 each, biggest at 1.5lb, with our youngest member 8 year old Rowan taking 2 on the fly. Bait ladies used pink maggots and had a minimum of 6 each. Great fun had by all!

As always with Ladies Fishing, our days are educational and priced to suit all pockets, so it comes as no surprise to you that every penny of our event cost has been donated to the River Annan Trust, a cheque for £50 was handed over to Nick, yesterday, on the closing day of the salmon season. The money will be used towards funding for local primary schools to gain a better understanding of the fresh water environment and introduce them to fishing. Thank you ladies.

Our grayling dates for the next 3 months will be on the river Annan:

16th December (Sunday), 13th January (Sunday),2nd February (Saturday), 24th February (Sunday) and the 16th March (Saturday).

Please email if you would like to attend. Price for the above dates range from £6-£10 and the price of the ticket will be donated to the River Annan Trust.

N.B All Ladies Fishing Club Events for Rivers, ladies & juniors must wear a life-vest. We are happy to supply life-vests to females who do not have one on the day.

One Comment on “Donation to the River Annan Trust & Grayling Events

  1. thanks for all your help on the river this last wee while. It is really appreciated and hopefully we will have lots more fishing days to come xx


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