Ladies Fishing Coaches

I’m sure you will all agree that Ladies Fishing are lucky to have some of the best coaching assistance and expertise available in the UK. Rarely do we sing the praises of our head coaches Paul Little & Cliff Johnston. I thought I’d share with you their last few weeks.

Paul Little is a senior assessor (all disciplines) for AAPGAI one of the UK’s leading fly fishing and casting organisations. At their Spring Assessment weekend, Cockermouth, Paul assessed provisional to master candidates for the single and double handed fly rod and fly dressing. (see photographs)

Last weekend he travelled to Scotland to assess for SANA (Scottish Anglers National Assoication) on the banks of the river Tay. Again single & double handed casting qualifications. (see photographs)

This weekend (Easter) he’s relaxing after a busy schedule and is off pike & perch fishing from his rowing boat on Bassenwaite lake.

Cliff Johnston GAIA instructor and a Coach Educator all 3 disciplines for the Angling Development Board. Cliff has been travelling as far as the midlands during the last few weeks to deliver and assess Level 1 & 2 courses for sea, game & coarse.

From the ADB site, ADB’s Coaching Courses Commened: The UKCC has recently confirmed the re-accreditation of anglings level 1 and level 2 coaching qualifications for the next two years. Sports Coach UK’s Rachel Hooper explained that the Sports Coach UK assessment panel had stated that the coach qualification schemes produced by the ADB for angling were amongst the best of all sports. She also stated that angling is one of only 25 sports with both levels 1 and 2 fully accredited.

Cliff can be found this weekend boat fishing Hallington Reservoir for rainbows and brown trout.

We are very lucky at Ladies Fishing to have coaches of this high calibre. Both coaches are committed to the advancement of the ladies group during 2012.

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