Glasgow Angling Centre open weekend

Only one sleep before we go to the Glasgow Angling Centre open weekend to help members of the public, especially women and children, tie their first fly on a brooch to help raise funds for Casting for Recovery and giving advice to any ladies thinking of taking up angling.

Are we nervous, YES! 

Fishing celebrities from the world of angling will be there from Matt Hayes, Davie McPhail, Stevie Munn, Mick Brown, Duncan Egan, Mick McDaid, Paul Fenech etc. Top angling companies and magazines  from across the globe Guideline, Simms, Abel, Wynchwood, Orvis etc.  Literally the who’s who of fishing will be flying into Glasgow from around the globe for 3 days.

We hope to see you at the show.



p.s  hands are already shaking !

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