70 new people introduced into the sport of angling

Congratulations to everyone who has worked hard during the summer months, members of the group have introduced 70 people to the sport of angling through Ladies Fishing Events across all fishing genres.

Our thanks go to all involved who have worked without charging for their time. 

We are lucky to have the continued support from AAPGAI Master & Senior AAPGAI Assessor Paul Little and Cliff Johnston who is a Level 1/2 /3 Tutor, Coach, Assessor and GAIA instructor . As a group we have 3 anglers qualified to UKCC Level 2 and 3 ladies qualified to UKCC Level 1.

One Comment on “70 new people introduced into the sport of angling

  1. Great job. The more people experience the thrill of fishing and the outdoors the more hope we have of saving our rivers and oceans. Tight Lines . . .


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