Introducing the Cameo Club to Fishing

Cliff and Anne ready to start

Three weeks ago I received a telephone call from my friend Tim at Sonik Sports asking if I would give a introduction to fishing for 10-20 pensioners in Sunderland, not a problem as we can cope easily with 45 beginners.

Lady Margaret Vardy called me with the details a few days later, where upon I quickly realised it was going to be for between 120 and 150 people, mainly ladies. I’m not normally stuck for words!

To make the event interesting Cliff and I decided to split the presentation into 4 with sessions about Ladies Fishing, history of fishing, fishing destinations around the world and fly dressing. Without fly dresser Paul Little I was given the task to dress a contemporary classic salmon fly, with the tying videod to a big screen whilst Cliff discussed materials.

Anne's fly tying demonstration on the big screen

At the end of the presentation Cliff gave casting lessons and I joined the ladies in a fashion show. I was asked to model the clothes I go fishing in. Great fun.

The event was a success, with lovely comments from the audience and lots of interest in ‘a fair weather’ day.

Lady Margaret wishes Ladies Fishing continued success in our charity work, she said  “it is very impressive, well done!”

Thank you to Lady Margaret, Sonik Sports and everyone who made the day very special.

One Comment on “Introducing the Cameo Club to Fishing

  1. Well done Anne on a day that would give most of us stage fright. Two questions: what salmon fly did you tie? And what were your world fishing destinations?


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