Fupi lands her first salmon

Fupi with the girls

I first met Fupi a year ago at Chatton Trout Fishery. She was a complete beginner, eager to learn, with a dream to catch a salmon on the fly.

During the last 12 months she has worked tirelessly, helped along the way by her friends. She’ll even admit she’s worn a fly or 2, and not just as jewellery either.

Last Saturday, Sarah and Fupi fished Eltringham beat on the River Tyne.

Well done Fupi

Fupi said ‘I watched Sarah from the bank side fish the pool, thinking to myself I’m never going to cast as elegantly as Sarah. After waiting for about 30 minutes, I thought now or never then Fupi!

Casting through the pool and desperately trying to get a decent line out, my fly fell in a heap into the Tyne; then came a tug and a ssss’d of my line, the reel screamed (thank goodness i’d listened to Paul Little and remembered to free my disc drag), I played the salmon with help from Sarah, who held the net. My hands were shaking when I finally landed my first salmon with a sense of achievement’

Congratulations Fupi, I know your 2 salmon friends who helped you so much and are no longer with us, would be so proud of you.

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