Ladies Fishing working with the next England stars

Yesterday juniors from the talent pathway scheme received furthur coaching from the North East Performance squad at Tunstall Reservoir, Weardale, County Durham.
Ladies Fishing coaches have been involved with the Talent Pathway scheme from the initial event held at Witton Castle lakes in June. LF coaches were part of the team using approved criteria to assess and select anglers to be part of the North East Performance Squad.
The chosen Performance Squad are receiving three further coaching days in various environments. At the end of the three assessments the final North East Performance Team will then be formed. This team will then compete with the North West & West Midlands. The scheme supports the Angling Trust programme to develop stronger teams to represent England in all international competitions.
Yesterday junior anglers bank and boat fished at Tunstall Rervoir in challenging weather conditions. Boat fishing coaches/assessors were Cliff Johnston and Carl Malpass (England Youth Fly Fishing Team member). Bank fishing coaches/assessors were Jeff Metcalfe and Anne Woodcock. Anne is the only female coach in the North East to have been asked to take part in the Talent Pathway scheme.
We are pleased to have been asked to be part of pilot scheme from the Angling Trust. The pilot is running in the North East, North West and West Midlands to improve the skills of youngsters and identify talented anglers.
Ben Thompson, Angling Development Board’s Regional Officer in the North East said “We are very fortunate to have two teams of experienced coaches and top international anglers overseeing the development of the youngsters in the North East and I look forward to seeing the youngster’s progress through the pathway over the coming years.” read more
Thank you to Tunstall Reservoir for their assistance and the fabulous buffet.
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