Setting the Heather Alight ~ Pike Fishing

South East Northumberland Pike Anglers Club will be holding a slide show from Micky Jones the regional officer for PAC Inverness region. Micky’s presentation is called “setting the heather alight”

The Pike Anglers’ Club of Great Britain was formed in 1977 as a direct result of changing attitudes toward pike. For far too long pike had been regarded by fishery owners and some anglers as vermin, to be killed and removed at all costs. Since it’s inception, the PAC has done much to drastically change this mistaken attitude and pike are now widely regarded as a positive element in the natural balance of any fishery.

Pike fishing has become one of the most specialised branches of coarse fishing. Not least in the methods of handling, unhooking and safe return of the fish once caught.

Event Friday 25th February at 8.00pm. Venue The Northumbrian Piper, Fawdon, Newcastle, Sat nav NE3 2AH.

Price £2.00 everyone is welcome

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