Ladies Cat fishing on the Ebro Spain

I was at the Brentwood Carp show on saturday to meet Gary Sheridan who will be our guide for Catfishing on the Ebro in May.

For anyone interested in joining us (1 place left) the trip will involve fishing for Catfish, Zander and Carp. We will be  fishing for Catfish specimens of 100lb+. Carp between 40 and 50lb plus.  The fishing on the river Ebro system is world class, there is no where else in the world you are able to catch Catfish in this number at 100lb+  . There are also a number of albinos and mandarin Catfish (half albino) present in the river, these fish are very beautiful and would be a fish of a lifetime if you’re lucky enough to catch one. The world catfish competition will be held on the Ebro in May

If you are interested in joining the ladies on our first international trip, please contact

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