LADIES SHOOTING COURSE! 2 places to be won!

Ladies, I found this competition on the Shooting UK site. I know we have some ladies who shoot.

Since its launch in 1995, Holland & Holland’s Green Feathers course has introduced more than 1,200 women with little or no shooting experience to the pleasures of shotgun shooting.

The course began in response to comments from many ladies who had attended shoots, but felt unprepared to take their
place in the line. Yet shooting is a sport in which women can easily be the equals of, if not better than, their male peers.

Lessons will be tailored to the individual needs of each participant.

At the end of the course, all participants will gather at the grounds at 9.30am for a 10am start, on Tuesday 26 April 2011, for the final day of the Green Feathers course. The morning will be spent putting these new shooting skills to the test over a variety of clayshooting stands. A delicious lunch will be followed by a simulated pheasant drive, and there will be a chance to try full-bore rifle shooting on our 100-yard range.

The prize, worth £275, includes all necessary equipment, including guns (if required), instruction, 50 cartridges and clays per lesson and participation in the final day, as detailed above.

Simply click here to enter the competition

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