Ladies flexing their salmon rods on the Tyne

Our last salmon event of 2010 was a day of high expectations. Would Sarah and Emily repeat their star performances during August on the Tyne with Salmon and Sea Trout. Anticipation from the girls, last cast with the double handed rod, (unless you’re a lucky lady fishing the Tweed in November) and last chance for a Tyne salmon in 2010.

The day started early for the organisers at 7.30am with the beat being thoroughly walked and safe places checked, waded by our lead coach AAPGAI Master Paul Little. Due to the overnight rain and large river rises, leading to unsettled river conditions, it was unlikely the fish would be in a taking mood. Though this did not deter the team talk, with explanations of how to play a fish, check your disc drag etc. Including the all important safety talk, whistles, life vests and checking the walkie talkies worked.

The morning was hard, but enjoyable, 3 coaches assisted the ladies. Lilly our first
double handed junior had one to one tuition with Cliff. Whilst the ladies practised and fished hard. Guests arrived during the morning to say hello to the ladies, and comments of how much everyone had improved from our beginners day in February with AAPGAI Master Jim Fearn.

Lunch as always was a sociable occasion with Sarah’s culinary skills and some of her Eltringham smoked salmon she had caught in August was enjoyed by all. Marion never to disappoint bought along her competition sausages rolls, (we must have the recipe Marion). Marta provided another selection of quaffable wine…including a bottle of Fizz to celebrate. Thank you ladies for taking the time to make such a tasty lunch.

With tummies full it was back to chasing silver. Marta had some tuition with the rod she had won in June at Chatton Trout Fishery. I was impressed how fast she learned spey casting using the single handed rod. Though she might have been encouraged by the resident coloured salmon that teased her as she cast.

The day ended as always with ‘when are we all meeting up again to go fishing’. Next month we start grayling and still water competition fishing. Though I think some ladies are attending the wine tasting event at the Fishermans lodge in Jesmond with Marta.

Thank you also to our un-sung heroes Paul Little and Cliff Johnston for your help, support, tuition.

Finally Huge thanks to Sarah and Cathy for organising their first event. Success ladies.

I think the customers on the Eltringham beat today or tmoro will have the possibility of some good sport

One Comment on “Ladies flexing their salmon rods on the Tyne

  1. Looks like great fun! And for the record; I have never seen so many women fly fishing at one time. Great! Keep it up!

    Cheers from Sweden,


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