Ladies Fish the Tyne and the Wear

Yesterday was a day of two locations. Two of our salmon ladies were fishing 1.6 miles of single bank salmon fishing on the south bank of the River Tyne, Eltringham. Approximately 3 miles upstream of the tidal limit the water offers a good mix of glide, stream and pool.

The other ladies were fishing Page Bank 2 miles of single bank fishing on the River Wear, one of the most prolific sea trout rivers in England. Paul Little and Cliff Johnston were on hand to offer guidance and tuition. You’ll be pleased to know ladies they spent the day fishing.  Emily bought along handheld two-way radio receivers to keep in contact with each other. Great idea and something we will be using.

Everyone enjoyed the days fishing, including lots of long arm release for out of season wild brown trout. The chaps on the Wear caught salmon and sea trout (the day before a 20lb salmon was landed on the same beat). Now men say its women who catch the most fish !!!

Cathy has suggested another salmon fishing day on the Tyne, Saturday 23d October. Angling clubs on the Tyne are enjoying the finest fishing in recent times. FishTyne’s Report

Any ladies interested please contact myself or Cathy for details.

This evening I spent 2 hours fishing the Wear again, fabulous evening for fishing, no moon but just enough to keep the water lit. Fish rising, salmon and sea trout jumping. Not for the faint hearted in the dark.


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