Invite to the Kielder Hatchery

Ladies during November we have been invited to watch the Environment Agency carry out their electro-fishing schedule to determine the number, age and condition of fish in the river Tyne.

As part of this they also retain some fish to be transferred to the Kielder Hatchery. Where we are invited to view the hen and cock stripping!

and learn more about management of fish stocks of the Tyne Catchment. Kielder Hatchery, owned by the Environment Agency, is the largest conservation hatchery in England and Wales. Already one of the UK’s most successful wildlife breeding centres, the hatchery has introduced new fresh-water pearl mussel breeding beds to help save one of the UK’s most endangered species. It also breeds around 900,000 salmon per annum. The hatchery has reared more than 10 million salmon and has supported recovering fisheries on rivers such as the Trent and Esk, as well as work on the Tyne.

To book your place for the day please contact

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