Ciao bella from Vanessa, coarse fishing in Italy

Words can’t describe my trip, what I have learned, the experiences I had. There is so much to tell,  and not a dull moment during the whole 2 weeks.

The fish were incredible, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

The biggest moment for me was when Kev let me pick up my own fish from the unhooking mat (Kev is extremely careful when handling these fish. I am relatively new to fishing so he always passes me the fish). My 1st unaided fish was a beautiful Italian Common.

This was most definitely a BONUS fish as Kev and I had been up all-night. Catfishing all night with “Yuri”, on out return to our Bivvy at 7am for some desperately needed sleep, Kev being ‘Hard Core’ said “I will just bait and throw these Carp rods out before I get into bed”, I just giggled to myself as it’s fantastic seeing Kev in his element.

I got in the bivvy and proceeded to get ready for bed. Taking my damp clothes off and I managed to get some clean underwear and a football shirt on, when I heard one of the rods scream off. Kevin was still baiting up, Kev shouted “do you want this one babe” I screamed “yes, yes, yes”, I bounced out of the bivvy in just my football shirt and knickers, popped my

feet into my gorgeous pink hunter wellies and dived on the rod ‘Fish-On’, my heart was in my mouth. I knew this boy was gunna be big, he played round with me more than I played him, but Kevin talked me through landing this amazing fella. The speed these fish go through the water is incredible. This was the first big fish I had landed, whilst I was landing this beauty there were anglers coming to the lake. They must have thought that I was barmy, running round like a mad woman scantily clad in bright pink wellies (not a good look), but I didn’t care as this gorgeous fish was mine.

When he was netted, we quickly got him to the unhooking mat and the Kev asked me if I wanted to pick him up on my own. So with baited breath I stroked him (my fish NOT Kev, hahaha) gently for a while and he calmed down, it was amazing. My fish was happy for me to touch him alover, so I proceeded to pick him up, when I did he stayed very calm, he never struggled at all. He let me kiss him and turn him around with no bother. I had the biggest lump in

my throat, it felt like he was happy and he knew that I was not going to hurt him (I will never forget this moment for as long as I live). Interspecies communication, all be it slight, but definitely something there. When we put him back, Kev lowered him gently in the water and my gorgeous carp stayed there, no urgency to go anywhere. Both Kevin and I stroked him while he was in the water under no restriction at all.  Kev gently pushed him away from us and he swam off happy as larry, I couldn’t believe what had just happened, is was magical.

This trip was so amazing I only wish I could have take each and every one of you with us to share these wonderful experiences.

Kevin and I are heading back out to Lago Di Salasco in December/January to spend christmas and new year with Mauro and Luisella on their spectacular lake and I can’t wait.

Next year Mauro and Luisella are hoping to be all set for English anglers to arrive and fish Salasco. They are going to supply a bivvi, bedchair, rod pod, rods and bait etc, all the angler has to do is take their reels, alarms and terminal tackle, then they can fly to the nearest airport and be picked up by Mauro and driven to the lake.

The airport is a 1 hour drive away and the cost of flights is around £50 return (at the moment), so that can take a lot of hassle out of a trip for some anglers who may not want to drive the whole way, it also makes it cheaper and easier, simply fly out, fish, then fly home. But there is always the drive yourself option, yes it is a long drive, but for us it is the only way to travel there, driving through France, the Mont-Blanc tunnel and the Alps into Italy.

I know that this is just the beginning of my fishing adventures, but I feel that I have learned such a lot, I am very lucky to have a fantastic angler boyfriend that has introduced me into this amazing world, I couldn’t imagine life without the fish now. I would like to start some research by studying these amazing creatures by collating behavioural observations. So if there is any of you ladies that have any information to share or are willing to join me on my crusade that I would be more than happy to hear from you.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about my Italian adventure.
Ciao, Ciao bellas xxxxx

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  1. If the horses find out you have been kissing fish there will be a mutiny……..
    Gerke berserker



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