Why “think outside the box” when you can buy fishing clothing for females

ladies simms shirt, waders and hat purchased in the UK

It always disappoints when you read articles by females in the angling industry who say “manufacturers don’t make clothing for women”. Why do they write “until more of us take up the sport, things are unlikely to change”. You will notice they won’t promote ladies fishing clothing if the companies they work for don’t produce it.

Ladies have asked “where do I buy waders for women?”

ladies waders, Orvis, Corbridge Northumberland

Ladies why compromise and buy mens waders sold to you as a women’s fit. Simms, Reddington and Orivs manufacturer ladies waders prices starting from as little as Orvis £129. Shirts for women are available from Orivs, Simms and Ex Officio. Waterproof and goretex ladies jackets from Simms and Orvis, again available to buy in the UK.

So if you walk into a tackle shop, or manufacturers dealer store and they say “you can’t buy fishing clothing for females, try our mens range it will fit you” WALK AWAY, because you can purchase fishing clothing for females in the UK.

Simms ladies jacket, Sportfish Reading

Check out the links on our blog for manufacturers websites and shops that sell ladies fishing clothing.

If you would like more information on fishing clothing for females please email annefishing@yahoo.co.uk

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