Pearls and Pike …… (via Paul Little)

Hi ladies you might like to read about my sunday fishing for pike with paul little. Excellent day as always, it should give you a flavour of whats to come on our ladies day in september. I hope the weather is better than yesterday, it was awful and my so called waterproofs leaked…regards anne

Pearls and Pike ...... Conditions at the start of the day indicated that fishing would be good; a gentle ripple, warm and overcast. Two ABU classics (both 5001C’s; one a twin white pot handle and the other a twisted knob) on the Sonik SK4 spinning rods and two new Rapalas, the equipment was ready and the troll began. With two fish in the boat in a short time, the signs were even better.   Sheer class, the 5001C….  Then the heavens opened, the day changed completely and … Read More

via Paul Little

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