Fly-fisher chic with Prada and Hussein Chalayan hip-waders

Prada’s waders look fetching with tweeds – and only a fool would mess with a woman …Cathy from ladies fishing was telling us last June 2009 about these waders,

Prada is well known for finding inspiration in places where most designers fear to tread. For autumn 2009, she went down to the riverbank, cast her net wide and came up with a collection that was brave and beautiful. Along with tobacco-brown belted tweed coats and ribbed fisherman’s Thighs the limit: Prada’s wader boots are practical and stylish

Granted, thigh-high green waders might not be top of anyone’s wish list for winter, but these weren’t just any waders: they were deluxe and moss green in buttersoft nappa leather.

You would also make savings on hosiery: with boots this high, who needs tights? In fact, you would also save on handbags: think how many lipsticks, tissues and BlackBerrys you could smuggle down them. And for those not blessed with a well-turned ankle, a shapely calf or a gazelle-like thigh, waders are perfect camouflage.

Victoria Beckham, recently pictured at a theme park in five-inch Louboutins, should take note: every woman needs a flat shoe now and again. Waders are the ultimate in comfy, utilitarian chic.

This summer there are plenty of nice, not-too-short shorts out there and armed with a bottle of fake tan, you too can dare to bare. Of course we can also look towards vintage dresses teamed with a  cardigan and a nice fishing bag with our fly rod, don’t forget the stylish hat and shades to match.

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