Ladies Fishing the Telegraph & Fiona Armstrong

Fiona Armstrong salmon fishing

Hi Ladies

Thought you would be pleased to see that we’ve been mentioned in broadcaster Fiona Armstrong’s article for the Telegraph on ladies fishing. Trish and I are pleased her article depicts what  is all about. In her photo she is standing with a double handed rod salmon fishing in Scotland, something we hold events for in England and Scotland with free tuition.

She mentions according to the Angling Development Board, an increasing number of women are taking up coaching. We are testament to that, with 2 ladies achieving level 1 status in the last 9 months, 2 more ladies taking level 1 in June and another lady starting her level 2 in June.

CLUBS: (a North East-based club); Scottish Ladies Fly Fishing Association,; England Ladies Fly Fishing Association,

Thank you Fiona, from Trish and Anne and all the ladies at Ladies Fishing

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