Signs & Symptoms of Weil’s Disease

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As were now going out fishing more, i would just like to bring your attention to Weil’s Disease

The Disease Course

Leptospirosis runs itself much like the flu. The period of incubation within the body is about 3 weeks, with symptoms presenting themselves between 3 and 14 days. The disease will typically ebb after a few days, giving the appearance of recovery, before returning.

First Phase

The disease hits people suddenly, starting with flulike symptoms including muscle pain, nausea and a fever higher than 102 degrees F. Severe headaches also accompany the first phase, hitting suddenly with the pressure and pain of a migraine. In about one-third of all leptospirosis, the individual infected will develop a rash. This rash is similar in appearance to that which is caused by meningitis. It will appear red with a series of pinpricked-shaped valleys.

The bacteria is alive in the bloodstream during this time period. In mild cases, the disease will be fought by white blood cells and kept at bay. In severe cases, the blood-borne bacteria could cause the body to go into septic shock.

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