Nick Rowe Reels on Wheels

Reels on Wheels

Reels on Wheels

I want to tell you about a gentleman who I feel is doing so much to raise the awareness and opportunity for disabled and less able anglers. Great work Nick

Reels on Wheels (UK) Limited is a limited charitable company set up to raise funds for various reasons: At present it is dependent on the generosity of like-minded people who support Reels on Wheels and the Buddy System concept.

The primary aim is to help and encourage disabled and less able anglers to get back into fishing and to encourage as many people as possible to take up fishing as a recreational, outdoor activity. Going out on the road and travelling to fisheries, clubs and venues around the UK, has been the best way of meeting people and motivating them to either volunteer their help as fishing Buddies, or getting disabled people to talk about the possibility of getting back into fishing – or even trying it out as a new hobby.

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