May your next fish be the fish of a lifetime! Cheryl Bowden

Cheryl Bowden

Cheryl Bowden


Thought you might enjoy reading about Bass Fishing Champion Cheryl Bowden

Cheryl grew up in a small rural community near Mt. Pleasant, Texas. As the youngest of six children, everyone learned how to entertain themselves in the outdoors. Cheryl’s dad loved to fish, but the reality was when he fished, he also did so as a means of feeding the family. It was during those early years on trips to Lake Wright Patman that the love of Bass fishing was kindled. On one particular trip, Cheryl was fishing from the bank on a point. The bait was a blue chrome shallow diver on a Zebco 33. Not really having a clue, when a largemouth bass jumped out of the water to attack the crank bait, Cheryl pulled the bait away out of reaction. The excitement and exhilaration of that moment has been long lasting and until about ten years ago, put on the back burner. It was at that time that Cheryl’s best friend asked her to go on a guided trip fishing for bass. Since then, there has been no turning back. It started with joining a local ladies club in the DFW area and progressed to fishing a few tournaments in the former WBFA. From there, Cheryl helped to form a second ladies club in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Cheryl has just finished her second season with the Women’s Bassmaster Tour (WBT) as a co-angler. In 2008, Cheryl moved to the pro side of the WBT. She was really close to making the cut at Neely Henry in 2009, but missed it by one ounce. The best finish to date was on Old Hickory leading day one and finishing 13th and bringing home her first check as a pro on the WBT. This top twenty finish moved her into 35th place in Angler of the Year points once her low tournament was dropped

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