Reel Sassy ladies fishing clothing

Reel Sassy Ladies

Reel Sassy Ladies

Hi ladies

as you all know i’m someone who promotes women in fishing and people/companies who make ladies fishing clothing. Vicky maybe we should start a ladies clothing range do you think Ian would like pink in the shop!

Reel Sassy is owned and run by two young ladies out of the Stuart area, Kimberlee Ewing and Kristy Levin. I talked to them for a minute and they seemed to have it all together. The company is fresh and innovative; a clothing line developed by women, for women. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen a business around that’s solely dedicated to women’s fishing apparel that actually looks good and stylish, something that many women will actually wear. My wife and daughter loved their line, I may order some shirts for their upcoming birthdays. Reel Sassy has a pretty extensive line of clothes and accessories from tank tops to microfiber shirts, hoodies and hats to name a few. Check them out at

check out too

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