Latest News from the Tyne Rivers Trust about the Tyne Tunnel


As many of you will be aware i’m very interested in the new tyne tunnel and the possible effects it may have on the river tyne. Enclosed is the latest good news from the Tyne Rivers Trust /Tyne Tunnel

Dredging for TT2 is progressing well, back inside the original window, with half of the anticipated volume of material being removed by 25th November.  The dredged material is being used to simultaneously in fill the Tyne Dock.  The continual monitoring provided by five water quality buoys has showed full compliance with the limits imposed by the Environment Agency.  The dredger is currently dredging the trench from mid river towards the North Bank, into Howden Basin. 

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As part of the agreement to build the second Tyne crossing the Tyne Riparian Owners and Occupiers Association (TROOA) and the Environment Agency arranged separate but linked mitigation agreements designed to monitor and mitigate for the effects of the tunnel construction on the river.

The dredger has removed material reaching the mudstones and a depth of 23m on the South side.  Deeper excavation was completed in 30th Nov, when lower spring tides allow the dredger to reach the required depth.

The continual water quality monitoring has shown negligible impact between the river quality upstream and downstream of the dredging. It is anticipated that the dredge should be completed in the week before Christmas.

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