Ladies Fishing For Salmon River Tweed.

IMG_6671Since 2013 Ladies Fishing have organised a charity fund raising day on Middle Pavilion with all monies raised donated to a cancer charity for women. For the last 2 years this money has been donated to Casting For Recovery UK & Ireland.

Every year we have caught fish and this year was no exception. After her third cast Anne Henderson hooked into a 10/12lb salmon under the guidance of our ghillie. Sadly it was not to be a repeat of the Spey for Anne and it fell off just before the net!


An hour later Ladies Fishing Founder Anne Woodcock on her first trip out after breaking her knee cap caught a sea trout of about 4lb. She was relieved because her colleagues at FishPal are into double figures this year. She also lost another hard fighting sea trout a few hours later.

Middles Pavilion on the River Tweed is the perfect location for a ladies, family and beginners day.  Its one mile of salmon and sea trout fishing is accessible from the grassy or shingle bank, when necessary wading is easy along gravel. At certain heights of water, some of the pools provide the opportunity to fish from the boat. This allows the beat to fish well in both high and low water.

The following day (Saturday) we knew we only had a few hours of fishing before the rise in the River Ettrick the previous night would reach us and bring with it dirty the water. A rising water is never a good water to fish. We all caught a few brownies the biggest at 2lb and once the heavens opened it was back into the well equipped hut for lunch.

After lunch Anne recorded the ladies for a fishing podcast that will be aired during Winter.

If you would like to come onto our next ladies event give Anne an email at or call her on 01573 470612. If you would like to book a days fishing on Middle Pavilion you can buy permits on FishPal, alternatively give Anne a call.

A huge thank you to Stephen the ghillie on Middle Pavilion and the estate.


Anne works with ghillies and owners to update their marketing on the FishPal website.




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