Yorkshire Ladies Day

DSC_0058It was still pouring with rain as I walked the river at 7.30am with the ladies day organisers Brian and Sue Towers of Yorkshire Fly Casting. We could see the nights heavy rainfall had barely touched, it was still on a summer low. Brian checked his phone for the levels further up the system and the days forecast. Fishing a spate river is not just about local weather, but the weather further up the system that plays an important part on the height. We were hoping that the expected rise in levels would arrive for the afternoon session.

We met the ladies in Berry’s farm shop and over breakfast they chatted about their fishing experiences for trout and salmon in the UK & abroad. It was also an opportunity to see some of Sue’s handmade brooches for jackets and hats and her bespoke Tweed capes which were all on display in the farm shop.

DSC_0012After a hearty breakfast it was then onto the river where AAPGAI casting instructor Brian Towers discussed tackle and set ups. He then gave a casting demonstration in the double and single handed rod. In the low water conditions the placement of his line was so sweet that the eager trout supping flies around him were not deterred.

There were some decent splashes from trout feeding, which certainly awakened our trout anglers eager to get onto the water.

After a splendid buffet lunch from Sue the ladies carried on fishing. Philippa who was fishing for trout had a few River Ure brownies to her own flies.

Local Ure guide Philip Ellis joined us DSC_0028for the afternoon session, he has caught 10 Ure springers so far this season. He said that close to a 1,000 fish have past the counter. I can’t find the figure on the Ure site, but, as of the 7th April the Tanfield counter reported 724 fish. A significant number when you compare the number of fish that have passed the Tyne counter at Riding Mill (946 to the 31st May).

Whilst we were packing away the river as predicted rose a foot and yes anglers did catch fish on the Sunday as Brian predicated – the river rose a day too late for us. Karen Hodgson (see Leighton Reservoir post) husband fished the Ure on Sunday and caught a 13lber and the man on the opposite bank caught a 10lber.

Bolton Estate fishing is situated in the heart of the historic valley of Wensleydale within 12,000 acres of glorious countryside. The fishing is divided into three beats, with two day permits available on each beat. The stretch of river offers a good variety of fishing along its length from shallow glides to rapids, deeper pools and fine gravel riffles. Access around the beat is ideal for 4×4,  parts of the beat are not accessible to 2wd vehicles – its best to check with Brian first before booking if you have a 2wd vehicle.

Yorkshire Fly Casting
Brian Towers, is a freelance guide and knows the waters of the Ure very well. He is also an AAPGAI qualified casting instructor (advanced) in the double and single handed rod. Brian will be demonstrating at shows up and down the country this year and Sue will be joining him with her brooches etc – check out his website to find a show near you.

Please contact Brian at Yorkshire Fly Casting on 07850 727132 or email briantowers@hotmail.co.uk

You book fishing permits for the River Ure on FishPal, alternatively contact Tom Carter for more information on 01573 470612

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