Wild Brown Trout Fishing, River Tees

Anne into a fish on the River TeesFishing for wild brown trout on the Tees yesterday on a stretch of water only available to guests of Wodencroft Cottages I met up with England Ladies Fly Fishing team members Phillippa Hake and Lisa Isles. The weather was not perfect an easterly wind and bright sunshine. The Tees is fed by Cow Green so river temperatures don’t tend rise much until the reservoir starts to warm up around June. 

With no hatch we started fishing using jig nymphs for czech nymphing style of fishing through the fast, turbulent water. Lisa demonstrated to us both how to catch fish effectively using this method with 2 beautifully marked fish to her net after just a few casts.

We weaved our way down the river casting our nymphs into deep pools and the streamy glides chasing trout. The river bed was now exposed and and in the right water height would fish well for salmon.

After lunch the girls carried on fishing the middle section and witnessed a significant hatch of large Dark Olives. Fish gorged themselves on the endless supply of flies on the surface, another 3 came to Lisa’s rod including a plump 2lb specimen and Phillippa caught her first Tees fish.

Further down stream where there was no hatch, it just shows the difference of being in the right place at the right time. On the opposite bank there was a chap fishing for salmon. Time to change tactics, if he’s fishing for salmon their will be trout in that deep water too. I lengthened my line and changed the fly to a pink nymph, it felt good to cast a full length of line across a pool. My fly glided across and on the dangle a trout munched on my fly, a decent 1 1/2lb to 2lb wild brown trout. I was happy I had not blanked.

Looking forward to catching up with the girls after their England matches for a return trip to the Tees in June.

Anne Woodcock

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