Junior Day at Witton Castle Lakes

Junior members ready to goThere was a buzz at Witton Castle Lakes from young anglers today eager to cast a line in the Junior Trout Fisherman magazine competition.

The morning started with a tackle surgery, lines were cleaned, wiped down and line slick applied. New braided loops were fitted to lines and rods were checked. One to one casting tuition, including how to cast in to the wind. I was coaching William who is left-handed, introducing him to the cross body roll cast and over head casting across his opposite shoulder.

After lunch in the campervan there was a group discussion including rules of the competition and pegs were drawn. The young rods gathered their equipment and went to their individual pegs to start the match. Fishing at the lakes was slow today for everyone. A cold easterly wind, bright sun and fish not in the taking mood – the competition was tough.

All the young rods fished hard, their positive energy and application of new skills they had learned in the morning was pleasing to see. Unfortunately no fish were landed so the competition will be held again. All rods went home with goodie bags, smiles on their faces and eager to return and lift the trophy.

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